In our National Language Dzongkha “Lungta” literally means “Horse of Wind”, (“Lung” means Wind & “Ta” means Horse). Bhutanese usually worship Lungta and hoist prayer flag known as “Lung-Dar” in which one of would find a picture of horses and with Bhutanese texts. The flag is basically hoisted at the place where there is fast blowing winds as such on mountain tops, bridges and over the motor road. The flag is usually hoisted for clearing bad deeds that we have done and for availing clear and better future in our life or even to get success in what ever we do.

Lungta Handicraft has been one of the well renowned Handicraft dealer in the country. With products ranging from Antiques to the modern design of textiles, one would not miss a chance to gift your family, friends and relatives while back home.

We have the collection of pure handmade made products of Bhutan as Jewelries, textiles as far from the origin of weaving Trashigang and Masks. For those who wants to explore Bhutan through Home, we have Bhutanese Collections of DVDsand VCDs depicted on the Landscape of Bhutan, it’s culture and also on Buddhism.

While you browse through our website, you would find most of our readily available products, and if it happens such that you like one or more of our products and you can’t make it to our show room, then you can just leave us a email and description about the product that you want. We also have online Service and we would ship you the product as soon as we receive the payment.

Hope you will have a pleasant time going through our website and would give us a chance to serve you.

Tashi Delek!

About Lungta Handicraft

Lungta Handicraft has been one of the well renowned and Bhutan Government authorized Handicraft dealer in country for more then a decade. Our product ranges from a small Bhutanese pin to antique masks and products. Our products are purely handmade and made up of pure raw materials.

Textiles are made up from all varieties of raw material as Silk, cotton etc from eastern Bhutan with pure Bhutanese patterns and designs. Our available textiles products comes as far as from eastern Bhutan weaved by Bhutanese women, as textile weaving in Bhutan are most common and popular in eastern Bhutan. We also have wide collection of textile made from fur of yaks, sheep and some coat of animals. We have wide collections of bags, Kira (National Dress of Women), Gho, Table Clothes and many more made from Bhutanese textiles for you to decorate your home, gift your loved ones, show a different looks in your country.

You would also see wide range of Wood Craft products, made purely by hand and designed in such a way that one would hardly believe that the product are hand design. Wooden plates, crafted dragons, the eight auspicious sign, and many more would be a perfect wood products for one to demonstrate wood craft items from Bhutan.

Products in our showroom cannot be explained in this website for it will take the all age to give one a idea, but in short we have all the products and collection that no other handicraft dealer or shop in Bhutan has.

Our shopping facilities includes online shopping, over sea shipping, accepts credit card if one do not pay in cash while in Bhutan and currency exchange. We have more about these in “Shipping” section. Please be noted that we only accepts VISA Credit card.

If you would like us to serve you then please do let us know by dropping us email here or email us to lungta@druknet.bt.



Textiles of Bhutan can be differentiated by the patterns, color, quality and by the design of the clothes.

The picture on the right side shows a music band in Bhutan wearing Gho, the national dress for Bhutanese men. The long robe is tied around by a belt known as Kera, and properly hidden be the upper part of gho. Accompanied is by a white Scarf/sleeve at the wrist known as LAGEY and little white portion around the neck called “GONG”. For further visualization, traditional dress of men, Gho is put together with full knee length stocking and with western developed formal shoes normally but in this picture the musicians have a “TSO-LHAM” which literally means Shoes. This is the traditional Shoe found to be in Bhutan. It is worn by senior officials, civil servants during the National Assembly or in important functions. The red part (at ankle) on the tso-lham also shows the government post of the bearer. For the King and the Je Khenpo, the ankle colour would be yellow, and for ministers, it would be orange and for civil servant and public, it is red. The yellow and orange scarf worn around from the shoulder to waist is nothing but the scarf, locally known as kabney, but not every person in Bhutan wears it. This type of scarf is only worn by the Arm force people and it comes in different colours for different ranks.

Bhutanese Woman and a Child in National Dress for womenKIRA, the National Dress for women, is ankle – length dress made of bright colored woven fabric with traditional patterns. It covers from a woman’s neck till the ankle and is tied around the waist by KERA and hung upon by KOMA from the shoulders. Now a days this Koma is been replaced by safety pin for daily use.. Upon which a coat known as TEGO is won over it.

The picture on the left shows a woman and a girl with full Fringes of rachuBhutanese National Dress for women. Focusing on the woman, the green coat with flowers on it is the TEGO made from pure silk, the comes the Kira with stiripe of different colours and then followed by a light pink coloured sleve which is known as WONJU, which is worn before the kira. The red scarf on her left should is known as RACHU, similar to kabney of men, worn while visiting Dzongs (Fortress), office, and festivals, irrespective of the designation. It can be of any colour but with patterns like of flowers, or other signs denoted on it and fringes at the end.

Textiles in Bhutan are made up of different raw materials and purely dyed for giving a bright and charming visions for the visitors and for the comfort of wearer. The textiles’ raw material used comes as possibly from Raw Silk Worm and from simply cotton. From the eastern part of Bhutan, textile product made up of raw silk and silk worm are one of the expensive product for it take a lots of hard work to give a perfect output.

The coat displayed on the right hand side is a brocade hand made coat embedded with turquoise and semi precious stones. It bears a typical Bhutanese flower designs and it can be worn by both men and women.

To order the product, please leave us email here with the Item code below. We will further respond you to follow up the ordering process.

If you have any enquiry about textiles or would like to place order on anything that is not available on this website, then please do feel free to drop us a email at lungta@druknet.bt

We have a wide range collections of Jewelries made up of Semi-Precious stones, Turquoise, Gold, Silver and many more. Our product ranges from a simple finger ring to till the home decorative antiques.

This jewelry is made from the combinations of Silver and turquoise. It origination dates back to 18th century. This is a typical jewelry from Bhutan but bears a utmost Tibetan design. History shows us the same type and of one family of jewelries that our Royal Queens used to wear it.

This jewelries bears green and red turquoise along with Gold Plate in center. The design originated from southern part of Bhutan, most often you may see Nepalese wearing this same design.


This jewelry comes in pure Bhutanese format with semi precious stones. It comprise of Gold, Turquoise and the Cat’s eye stone which is known to be one of the semi precious stones. We have a lots of collections of jewelries for your interest. Please contact us for more information.

Our craft section has been divided upon two classes depending upon the materials crafted. The two crafts mostly found in Bhutan are Metal crafts which include Gold and Blacksmith and Wood Craft.


This metal crafted product bears the Buddhist believe of world being hold by a worldly King surrounded by deities of Heaven and hell. The insides part of wheel of life shown in this product is the twelve precious animals, which in Buddhism we count it as Horoscope icon. Those animals are Rat, Oxe, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Bird, Dog and Pig.

This images are crafted upon original ancient strong Bronze metals purely non-machine and only hand. It is framed by wooden frame with typical Old painting.

This crafted piece is a wheel of Life. It bear the fine design of Eight auspicious signs, fine arts of Dragon, flowers and fire at the last enamel showing the protection of Buddhism from all rages.

This piece of craft is finely crafted by expertise craft persons which would not take less than four months to complete. It is widely crafted upon a strong metal encoding with turquoise for better visionary for the visitor.

Bhutanese Crafts Person are not happy with what they do so far, for now, we see image of God (Jampelyang on right) crafted on the horn. These horn are not an ordinary horn, but these horn are those horn used in religious performance.

All three horns are pure collection from the ocean and is original shell as like we get now from the ocean but little difference is that these horns are crafted and encoded with semi-precious stones as turquise.

This perfectly crafted piece of mask would be one in millions. Its completely crafted upon metals of Gold, Silver, Bronze and other strong metals found rare on this earth. Lungta Handicraft has only one piece of this craft and we are sure that no other dealers would have what we have, The mask of all masters.

This mask bears finely crafted arts and semi-precious stones. It has been well painted to suit its color but note that nothing is painted other then its eyes and eye brow. Rest all its it’s own metal color of Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron.


This mask is a fine and best sample for our visitors to analyze a Wooden Craft Product. This type of mask it finely crafted upon hard but light woods for this kind of mask is used by the performers while performing religious festivals as Tshechu. This kind of Horror mask is also hanged upon the main entry in our house as it is believed to be the Evil driver from its location. Bhutanese usually keep this type of mask at their home for this sake and to have a pleasant and happy home, but not as a decorative items.

It has been crafted in a way that it shows the best possible true manifestation of Guru Rinpoche, (the Great Saint who purified the land of Bhutan from evil spirits) and also in a way that this masks are comfortable while put up for the festival.

This cups are nothing other then Traditional Bhutanese Win Cups. This cups are made up of trees which are rarely found in Bhutan and its found only in high Altitude areas. Few of this cups are embedded with silver or gold from inside to give a better position of the person who use it while rest all are none embedded.

It can be used as a perfect piece to decorate your home because it comes in various size but of same quality or rather same size but of different quality.

The wooden product now shown is Traditional Bhutanese Bowl, which is widely used to serve to purpose of a plate. It is designed in a way that it has two parts, the base and the cover. It also serve the purpose of a Lunch Tiffin.

It comes from from the same tree as of the Traditional Cup and from other source. In Bhutan we call it as “Dha-pa”.

This website is too small to show all our products. We have all variety of craft items and we give the best price. For a shopper, the best best place would be to visit our show room or to email us for any enquiry.

We at the Lungta Handicraft assures you that, you would not go back without finding a gift for your loved ones, for we have all ranges of items which are suitable to be presented as a gift. We have a wide range of Shirts printed Bhutan on it and pictures, Bhutan Information DVDs, Bhutanese engagement finger rings, and many more. We have few collections of modern materials as of DVDs of Bhutan, covering the video of landscape, culture, traditions and almost every information. This kind of DVDs shall be best for the people who wish to have pleasure of being in Bhutan by simply being in front of their television.

Religious Audio CDs

We have this Audio CDs for those who are interested practicing Buddhism though song or via prayers.

DVDs from Bhutan

We also have wide range of movie DVDs where you would see Buddhism, Tibet, Monks, Bhutan and almost related to Bhutan and its culture. We have movies directed by Bhutanese Khenpos, Rimpoche so as to flourish and spread Buddhism through movie. The picture on right shows a Snap from “Seven Years in Tibet” and as like we have many more.


Travelers & Magicians
A Bhutanese Movie produced by Jamyang Khentse Rimpoche to spread teaching Buddhism through entertainment. This is a movie produced as far as from East and reaching to west on foot of a group of people who have their own business to be done far from their home. It is also a movie of love and feelings shared between two young couple and also love for elder and younger ones. This DVD comes with English SUb-title.

Please do contact us if you are interested in giving a try to watch it.


We have a perfect gift for your loved ones or you may love to show to your friends that you have been to Bhutan or, let your friends make aware of a Little Hidden Kingdom Bhutan with these Natural quality T-Shirts with Bhutan Slogans and Cartoon printed on it.

The natural Cotton embedded designs of Bhutan makes it unique of any in world. Best for all season and also for all reason.

Gift your Girl friend, mother, sister, aunty or friend with beautifully designed Bhutanese necklace and jewelries. We have our jewelries made from Semi- Precious stones as Gold, Silver, Bronze in additional to turquoise and other stones.

Our showroom consists of Finger Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Bangles, and other jewelries in different sizes to enable you to get what you want all from one center.

Please do not hesitate to write to us if you have any enquiry, or if you want us to find what you want. Simply leave us a email or call us at the numbers here.





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