What Does Lungta Mean?

About Lungta Handicraft

In our National Language Dzongkha “Lungta” literally means “Horse of Wind”, (“Lung” means Wind & “Ta” means Horse). Bhutanese usually worship Lungta and hoist prayer flag known as “Lung-Dar” in which one of would find a picture of horses and with Bhutanese texts. The flag is basically hoisted at the place where there is fast blowing winds as such on mountain tops, bridges and over the motor road. The flag is usually hoisted for clearing bad deeds that we have done and for availing clear and better future in our life or even to get success in what ever we do.

What do we sell?

Himalayan arts crafts and jewelleries

These products include hand made merchandises typically from Bhutan as well as parts of the produces that are from the Himalayan part of India and Nepal which is then manufactured or made in Bhutan with a refined Bhutanese touch. Jewelleries of Bhutan are made from all kinds of stones such as Coral, Turquoise, Lapis and Amber and other jewelleries made from silver, white metal and copper. We also sell different home décor products, art and crafts that really emphasizes on Bhutanese art, architect and designs. This also includes the wide range of Wood Craft products, made purely by hand and designed in such a way that one would hardly believe that the product are hand design. Wooden plates, crafted dragons, the eight auspicious sign, and many more would be a perfect wood products for one to demonstrate wood craft items from Bhutan.

Textiles and Souvenirs of Bhutan

Textiles of Bhutan can be differentiated by the patterns, color, quality and by the design of the clothes which are made up from all varieties of raw material as Silk, cotton etc from eastern Bhutan with pure Bhutanese patterns and designs. Our available textiles products comes as far as from eastern Bhutan weaved by Bhutanese women, as textile weaving in Bhutan are most common and popular in eastern Bhutan which includes the national dress of Bhutan that is Gho and Kira along with the other accessories such as Tso-Lham (shoes), Kabney and Rachu (Scarf).Souvenirs of Bhutan includes different colourful Bhutanese fridge magnets, Badges, key hangers and organic products from Bhutan that are 100% healthy and organic produced locally in Bhutan.